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The Tirino is a river that has more to do with fairy-tale imagery than with a real place. Its waters seem so iridescent and crystalline that they seem to come from distant places, if not even unreal, and precisely by virtue of these characteristics it has been proclaimed as the cleanest river in Italy and among the clearest in Europe.
The Tirino is an unusual river for the Apennines, as it originates at low altitude and is fed by multiple springs: the etymology of the name Tirino in fact (from the Greek "tritano", or "triple source"), is a direct reference to the way in which the latter comes to light.
Originating from a long underground course, it flows into three different springs: Presciano, Lake Capestrano and Capodacqua.

Located in the heart of Italy, in the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, in the Capestrano area, the Tirino river is the perfect place to spend a different day , in company and where you can carry out multiple activities: from canoeing to trekking, from excursions to mountain bike rides or picnics surrounded by greenery.
The canoe ride is essential, a an experience out of the ordinary, in which you can delve into calm and clear waterways with an ecological, silent, fun and affordable vehicle for everyone!
Canoeing on the Tirino will allow you to live a different experience, in company and surrounded by nature! We offer you an alternative way to occupy the beautiful spring days or the sultry summer days, letting yourself be lulled in clear waters, surrounded by trees, mountain air, far from the chaos and frenzy of the city. A unique experience that cheers up everyone, from the oldest to the youngest, and which allows you to spend time in a quiet place, where both your eyes and your spirit can enjoy it.
Treat yourself to a day out of the ordinary by exploring the wonderful places of Abruzzo and interacting with nature from another perspective! With Canoa sul Tirino your moments will have the flavor of adventure and carefreeness!
In addition, we remind you that the Tirino river, in addition to being located in the marvelous national park of Gran Sasso and the Monti della Laga, is located in a strategic position that will allow you to visit enchanting neighboring sites such as the ancient village of Capestrano with its castle.



Our team of expert guides will take you along picturesque routes, sharing their knowledge of the local flora and fauna. We only use high quality equipment to ensure you have a comfortable and unforgettable experience.


With our anti-tipping canoes, we offer you a unique and safe experience to explore the natural wonders of the Tirino river.


Regardless of your experience level, our excursions are suitable for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an expert paddler, we will guide you through picturesque routes, offering an experience tailored to your abilities.


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Canoa sul Tirino has always had the environmental issue at heart and actively works to care for and protect the places in which it is fortunate to operate. Respect for the territory is a priority for us that transcends the most important reasons of decorum and environmental hygiene: protecting it means first of all safeguarding such a complex and intricate crossroads of lives - animals, as well as plants - and promote their subsistence. As a part that is not extraneous to these balances, on which, indeed, our well-being strictly depends, we believe it is our duty to contribute to the health of the environmental ecosystem and take responsibility for it.

For this reason, Canoa sul Tirino promotes ethical and attentive tourism, and is committed to ensuring that all the activities coordinated by it are carried out with the utmost respect for the host territory and the fauna and flora that characterize it.
By choosing us as travel companions on your canoe excursion on the Tirino, not only will you be able to enjoy breathtaking landscapes and combine the benefits of outdoor sports with the thrill of adventure, but you will experience a nature that is still unaltered and shining in all its biodiversity . As we like to say, the territory here is not the backdrop, but the protagonist; and it is our privilege to offer you the opportunity to experience and explore it, to establish a direct, profound and participatory relationship with it.



Who can participate in our excursions?

Children over 3 years old can participate! An expert guide is present for each excursion.

What are the weight and person limits for each canoe?

The maximum weight of each participant is 130 Kg and the canoes can accommodate a maximum of 3 people respecting the maximum weight limit allowed from the canoe.

What do we recommend bringing for our excursions?

We recommend dressing comfortably, tennis shoes, tracksuit. In the warmer seasons: shorts, sandals, t-shirt and hat. We also recommend bringing a towel and a change of clothes .

How long does the canoe excursion on Tirino last?

The canoe excursion lasts an hour and a half.

Can you bring objects during the canoe trip?

We do not recommend bringing objects such as cell phones or cameras as they could come into contact with water during the excursion. Our canoes have storage compartments below and in the rear part of the seat.

Is there a changing room?

Of course, there is a changing room where you can change right in the boarding area.

How much does a canoe ride cost?

Il prezzo dell'attività è di 15 euro a persona e 5 per i bambini fino ai 10 che non pagaiano e sono posizionati al centro della canoa. I bambini che vogliono pagaiare attivamente pagano il prezzo normale.
Prenota ora visitando la pagina di prenotazione.

What do we provide for the excursion?

We provide all the equipment needed to enjoy the activity safely. 

When are we open?

The activities will be carried out every day from 09.30 to 18.30. There are currently 5 excursion shifts: 09.30 - 11.0011.00 - 12.3012.30 - 14.00 b>, 2.30pm - 4.00pm4.00pm - 5.30pm5.30pm - 7.00pm, 7.00pm - 8.30pm. For online reservations click here. Furthermore, our telephone number will be available from 09:00 to 20:00, every day.

How much before the start of the excursion do I need to show up?

You have to at least introduce yourself forty minutes before the start of the excursion in canoa sul fiume Tirino to our information center.

At what times of the year is it possible to canoe?

Canoe trips can be made from March to October.

Is there parking?

Of course, in the boarding area there is a GUARDED car park where you can park your car at a cost of 2 euros. Your vehicle will remain safe thanks to the presence of our staff.

What are the cancellation policies for my reservation?

For detailed information on cancellation policies and refunds relating to canoe excursions, we invite you to visit our page dedicated to Cancellation Policies. You will find all the information you need, including notice periods, weather conditions, cancellation procedures and any available alternatives.


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